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• Satire: “The Perfect Pastor”

• What odd or peculiar expectations have you held or ever heard of for a Christian minister?


• He Knows What to Preach and Teach, v. 6
       • Continual focus on core Christian doctrines and godly living principles, to the point of repetition!
       • Compare II Peter 1:12-15, 3:1-2
       • The listener who always yearns for something new and “exciting” is like the evil and adulterous generation that always seeketh after a sign, Matthew 12:39.
       • Explanation / Application of what he’s learned and what has helped himself live and grow, v. 6b.
               • Compare v. 12; Hebrews 13:7

• He Knows What NOT to Preach and Teach, v. 7
       • Gives no time to extra-biblical “revelation”
       • Or to philosophies of men

• He Knows Whom He Must Please, v. 6
       • I Thessalonians 2:3-6 • Galatians 1:10
       • The pastor who tries to please people, and the people who expect it, will all be frustrated together.

• He Knows Both the Extent and the Limit of His Authority, v. 11
       • “These things…”

• He Knows That His Own Spiritual Growth Is Important Enough to Work At, vv. 6-8
       • Always remember that preachers are growing in Christ just like other Christians.
       • How should this affect our view of them? • He Knows He Will Face Difficulties, v. 10

• He Knows How to Use His Spiritual Gifts, v. 14
       • Compare Colossians 4:17; II Timothy 4:5

• He Puts Himself Wholly Into the Ministry, v. 15
       • Compare Acts 6:4

• He Keeps Watch Over His Own Behavior, v. 16
       • Compare Acts 20:28