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Why You Should Witness to Your Family
Luke 16:19-31

1. We have been given a commission
2. It can be difficult to witness to family


1. All Men will face eternity.
"And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:" (Hebrews 9:27)

A. Vs. 22, Poor people die.
B. Vs. 22, Rich people die.
C. Atheist die and unbelievers die.
D. Liberal believers die and conservative believers die
E. Old people die; Young people die

2. There is a Hell to be shunned.

A. Hell is a prepared place, not for man but for the devil and his angels.
B. In Hell you retain all your senses.
C. In Hell there are no welcomes
D. Vs. 23, Hell is a place of torment.
E. Vs. 24, In Hell there is no mercy.
F. Vs. 26, In Hell there is no exit.
G. Vs. 25, In Hell there are regrets.
H. Vs. 27-28, Hell is filled with dreaded anticipation.

3. There is a Heaven to be gained.

A. Vs. 22, The believer is carried by the Angels into Heaven.
B. Vs. 25, In Heaven the believer is comforted.