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How to Argue with Your Spouse
Ephesians 4:26-32

1. All marriages encounter conflicts.

2. Good marriages require Good christians.


1. Things not to do

A. Threaten divorce
B. Compare your spouse to other people. (You are like, I wish you were like, etc.)
C. Use your children as leverage.
D. Threaten to expose faults, I am telling, etc.)
E. Bicker with each other.
F. Give in without a resolution.
G. Give up without a resolution.
H. Determine you are going to win every conflict.
I. Deny there is a problem to avoid a conflict.
J. Keep score
K. Pout and give the silent treatment
L. Give your spouse the reward or punish treatment
M.Walk out in the middle of a conflict
N. Ridicule, belittle, or more your spouse.
O. Make light of your spouses feelings
P. Bring up the past
Q. You always or you never
R. Stay angry and refuse a resolution
S. Give place to the devil.

2. How to fight right

A. Face each other and stay in there.
B. Ignore distractions.
C. Guard your tongue.
D. Halt the History (Vs. 32)
E. Touch
F. Stay in There


1. Keep the conflict at Home.

2. Know when to get some help with your conflict.