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The End of the World: Future Events and You
Introduction: Matthew 23:37-24:4

  1. THINGS WILL NOT A__________  C__________  AS THEY A________  H______  .  (Matthew 24:1-2)
    1. There is always a perception of routine.  (II Peter 3:3-4)
    2. But great changes are taking place, setting the stage for even greater changes!
      1. The unbeliever should be filled with dread and terror.
      2. The believer eagerly awaits these things!  (II Peter 3:10-14)
  2. The NATURAL D________  TO KNOW FUTURE EVENTS MUST REMAIN B__________  .  (Matthew 24:3)
    1. We must hold the right M____________  for learning of future events.
    2. There is D________  in not knowing prophecy.
      1. Compare the different responses in John 1:45 and John 5:46
      2. Acts 26:22-23
    3. There is a B__________  attached to the study of prophecy.
      1. Revelation 1:3
      2. Revelation 22:7 The blessing is not only for the S_______  , but for the right R__________ .
    4. We must go to the right S________  for answers.
    5. We must understand there are some things God has revealed, and some He hasnt.  (Acts 1:6-7)
    6. We have to resist the urge to make connections that God doesnt make.  (Matthew 24:3)
    1. A true believer cannot be deceived about the person of Christ.  (Matthew 24:23-25)
    2. Yet Jesus still cautioned us to “take heed that no man deceive you.”
      1. Therefore, there must be things we can get wrong.
      2. Jesus wants us to get them right!
      3. Examples we will cover in this study:
        1. The timing of the R_________  in relation to the T_____________  .
        2. The timing of the R____________  in relation to the M____________  .
        3. The place of I________  in Gods future plans.