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The End of the World: Future Events and You
The Tribulation: What Is Gods Basis for Judgment? Revelation 4

  1. THE T________ : GODS SOVEREIGNTY, vv. 2-5
    1. A form of the word appears  _____  times in The Revelation, including  ____  times in chapter 4.
      1. The Athiest says there is no throne…
      2. The Humanist says there is a throne, but Man sits upon it…
      3. Religion says there is a throne, but upon it is a god after our own image…
      4. The truth teaches that One sits upon the throne, and His name is Jesus Christ!
        1. I Timothy 6:14-16; Revelation 17:14, 19:16
        2. Jesus rules in the affairs of men and has every right and every responsibility to judge.
        3. Gods people, enthroned and crowned with Jesus, will be entrusted with judgment, v. 4.  (I Corinthians 6:2-3)
    2. The entire creation exists  ____  Christs pleasure, and  _____  Christs pleasure!  v. 11
      1. When He is no longer pleased:  Genesis 6:5-7
      2. God will judge because Earth has become “the Prodigal Planet.”
  2. THE FOUR B________ : GODS HOLINESS, vv. 6-8
    1. These are the same four “living creatures” Ezekiel saw  ___  years before The Revelation (Ezekiel 1) and realized they were cherubims (Ezekiel 10:20).
      1. They spend every moment proclaiming and exalting the Holiness of God!
      2. Holiness is Gods fundamental attribute.
      3. The Holiness of God (Defined): That divine attribute whereby God maintains His own moral excellency, abhors anything unlike Himself, and demands of others a purity identical to His own.
    2. God is outraged at sin, at mans impudence, arrogance and rebellion.
      1. Psalms 7:11
      2. Romans 1:18
  3. THE R_________ : GODS COVENANTS, v. 3
    1. Genesis 9:13-16. 
    2. Even in His wrath and judgment, God is bound by His own W______  .
    3. Some of Gods Other Covenants of Judgment:
      1. II Peter 2:4-9
      2. Jude 15-16
      3. Psalms 34:15-19
      4. Psalms 32:6
      5. Job 21:30
      6. Romans 2:3-11