Here's What Old Paths Baptist Church Believes

Scripture provides the doctrine which affects everything we do.

Acts 17:11

“…they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.

Our Beliefs Define Us.

Here’s where you’ll find easy access to the biblical truths we uphold.

This will give you a picture of Old Paths Baptist Church’s Scripture-based doctrine. It’s the foundation for all we believe and practice.

The 3 Pillars of our Beliefs:

God’s Salvation

Old Path Baptist Church is an Independent Baptist Church whose beliefs begin and end with an accurate understanding of what salvation is. How is somebody born again? Why is it possible? And when does it happen?

All of these answers are provided on our Salvation page. So whether you’re somebody who is genuinely seeking salvation, or someone looking for a Baptist church in the Dubuque area to join that preaches salvation the way Scripture defines it, we invite you to visit our Salvation page.

Statement of Faith

This is a comprehensive overview of how God’s immutable word shapes our doctrine and how doctrine influences how we should act.

You can find this section especially valuable if you are a believer that may be new to the Dubuque area and are looking for a Baptist Church of “like precious faith”. We invite you to compare our Statement of Faith to that of your current church as you can check out our Statement of Faith now.

Our Church Covenant

As members of a Fundamental Baptist Church shining as a light to Dubuque, Iowa, we have a standard of conduct. Being a member means we naturally agree to it. What’s this look like? It’s all found in our Church Covenant.

It’s informative for would-be members and a good reminder for current members. Click through give our Church Covenant a look.

Baptist Distinctives Matter.

Throughout the ages, what separated Independent, Fundamental Bible-preaching and teaching Baptist churches apart from other churches? Simple – the scriptural beliefs that we hold. It doesn’t make us any better than anybody else…

It simply makes us a church that realizes we are accountable to God and His word.


See for Yourself – It’s all Inside.

First things first – let’s make sure we’re clear on what salvation is. The next step is to meet us over at our Salvation page.